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Vehicle Registration Overview

1. Application Form

Form 20

Invalid Carriage-Rs 20
Motor cycle-Rs. 60
Light Motor vehicle.
   1. Non transport Rs. 200
   2. Light Commercial vehicle Rs. 300
Medium goods vehicle Rs. 400
Medium Passenger vehicle Rs. 400
Heavy goods vehicle Rs. 600
Heavy Passenger vehicle Rs. 600
Imported motor vehicle Rs. 800
Imported motorcycle Rs. 200
Any Other vehicle not mentioned above Rs. 300

Work Stages
Verification of documents.
Payment of registration fees.
Inspection of vehicle and document by motor vehicle Inspector.
Registration and tax order by ARTO / DyRTO.
Payment of tax.
Data entry of documents.
Disclaimer Acceptance by owner/dealer.
Approval and registration mark allotment.
Payment of optical smart card fees.
Printing and distribution of smart card.

Non Transport / Transport section, Regional transport office Pune.
Vehicle Inspection at Alandi Road, Phule Nagar Office, Pune.

Seven days.

Required Documents
Sale certificate in form 21.
Valid insurance certificate.
Road Worthiness certificate in form 22 from the manufacturer, form 21 A from the body builders.
Invoice of Ex-Show room price in case of non transport vehicle.
Chassis pencil print of vehicle, photograph, thumb impression of owner and hypothecation endorsement on form 20.
Temporary registration if any.
Pan card or form 60 in case of CMV car.
Custom clearance certificate in case of imported vehicle along with license and bond if any.
Certificate of entry tax in case of MV purchased from other state.
Approval of design in case of trailer or a semi trailer.
Proof of address as per CMVR-4.
Fees Rs-350/- for optical smart card registration certificate.
Proof of legal presence in India in addition to proof of residential in case of foreigners.
Proof of citizenship.
Form CFA for fitness certificate in case of transport vehicle.
Octroi proof if applicable.


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